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Red Hot Green Infrared Panels
Red Hot Green Infrared Panels

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Anything else is a waste of your energy.

Energy efficiency is at the top of the environmental agenda.

The Sunline Radiant Heating System uses cutting edge technology, the very latest in heat-efficiency, to produce savings of up to 90% in heating, maintenance and repair bills. Installed in over 10,000 homes and businesses across Europe, Red Hot Green is the UK’s sole distributor of this innovative heating solution. Our range of heating panels include Crystal, Mirror and Stone designs to ensure you have a choice which suite your unique installation requirements.

Certified to the highest European standards each panel within the system is a stand-alone unit. Should there be any difficulty, any associated costs are extremely low. Designed to maintain a constant temperature, the whole room and building is heated evenly ensuring the ground floor is just as warm as the rest! The Sunline Radiant Heating System really comes into its own providing maximum savings when integrated with solar roof panels.

If you are interested in our Sunline Infrared Heating range then don't hesitate! Head over to our suppliers page to see who your local suppliers are today.

As the UK sole distributor, we are looking to engage with re-sellers throughout the country. To discover more about this exciting opportunity, call our team of experts on 03330 110 444.


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When we opened our centre in Haswell, County Durham back in 2007 the heating system was not cost effective at all and a huge amount of heat was b...

Hayley-Jean Hood, Chief Executive

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Business Opportunities

We're looking to add to our list of approved UK installers. If you'd like more information about this exciting opportunity, please contact the team. 

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The Range

Manufactured in Germany to the highest possible standard, Sunline Heating Panels are premium quality, have a 5 year warranty and are installed in 10,000 properties in Europe. 

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What is Far Infrared? RHG Stripes

What is Far Infrared?

Infrared is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a lower frequency than visible light. Objects, not air, get heated and act as radiators themselves. 

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