Benefits of our Far Infrared heating system

The very latest wave in heat-efficient-technology, Directtech Sunline Far Infrared Heating Panels are manufactured in Germany and installed in over 10,000 homes and businesses across Europe. The most commonly asked queries are answered below:

System benefits

Up to 50% savings on gas central heating.

Up to 80% savings on oil and conventional electric heating including storage heaters.

Energy efficient low carbon heating (40 - 80% carbon reduction)

5 year manufacture warranty and 25 year product lifespan.

Use alongside Solar PV to reduce bills further.

Product Certification and approval: The Sunline Far Infrared system is well established throughout Europe with our products being made to the highest of standards in Germany. All Sunline products have the TÜV GS certification including monitoring of production processes by the TÜV. All production processes are certified to ISO standards as well as having a CE mark which confirms the product’s adhesion to current European guidelines.

Building Maintenance: Once installed, the heating system significantly reduces or removes any issues caused by damp in walls which provides significant potential cost and health benefits. 

System maintenance: Once the panels are installed, no further maintenance is required.  Our panels are solid state and therefore with no moving parts, they will not break or wear out. In the event of a panel failing (almost unheard of) that panel would simply be replaced. This is both extraordinarily convenient and does not affect the remainder of the system which would continue to operate unhindered.

Low impact and simple installation: The Infra Red systems are very easy to install and require minimal disruption in terms of the working day or to the fabric of the building whereas, a traditional wet system generally requires considerable disruption during installation and maintenance. The panels run off electricity and can be plugged into a socket or wired from the mains supply. They're incredibly easy for any certified electrician to install with mess kept to a minimum. 

Efficiency Comparing

Comparison of annual total costs of different heating systems:


 Dr. Achilles, the leading Infra Red Heat Specialist in Germany states "We can certify that your radiant heaters are of the highest quality and efficiency."

Health benefits

Improves metabolism

Relaxes muscles

Benefits circulation

Helps inflammatory conditions

Reduces and eliminates mould

Protection of vulnerable individuals: Our heating systems can be installed anywhere. Frequently, this means in the ceiling, out of the reach of vulnerable individuals (such as small children or the elderly). Once out of harm's way, they also represent little danger of trauma caused by impact with the sharp metal edges or burning.

Allergy reduction: Due to the uniform heating of the solid objects by the radiant heat, dust and other allergens are less likely to be stirred up and circulated around rooms.

Comfort: Our system is designed to run 24 hours per day whilst using significantly less energy than a conventional system. This result is a building that is always warm and comfortable with a consistent temperature in each room. Traditionally, the difference in temperature in any one room can be 7 degrees from floor to ceiling, but with our radiant panels there's no more than 1 degree difference in heat, floor to ceiling.

Aesthetically pleasing

Stylish:  The heating panels look amazing! Available in a choice of designs, colours and frames, they offer the flexibility to compliment any setting. Whether your taste is for understated and subtle, or eye-catching and bold, there'll be a colour and style to suit your needs. 

Portable: When moving house or premises, our panels can simply be removed and taken with you thus ensuring a true long-term investment.

Location:  The panels can be mounted discretely on ceilings and walls much the same as picture frames or mirrors, or can form an eye catching focal point of a room. 

Room layout: Our system offers ultimate freedom when designing room layouts as there is no need to ensure objects are not placed in front of the panels. 

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