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What is infrared heating?

Infrared heating is an innovative form of electric heating that uses less energy than traditional electric heating. Infrared is invisible radiate energy which is completely safe to all living things.

How does it work?

It heats the things in the room, which in turn heat the air. Due to the radiant effects of the heating it allows the room temperature to be dropped by a few degrees giving the same comfort feeling. It works by heating the surface area of solid objects which then radiate back into the room to heat it, being a lot of more efficient than a regular electric heater.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of infrared heating are that it generates instant heat, removes dampness, uses a low amount of energy and they are also aesthetically pleasing! Find out more here.

Can I save money?

Of course! As our systems use less energy to heat the exact same space. You could make savings of up to 50% on gas central heating!

How can I become a supplier?

If you are interested in becoming a supplier, contact us to discuss.

How does being a supplier work?

Once you have joined our team you can then purchase our heating panels at discounted rates based on volume.

What do I get/What are the benefits?

Good profit margin, a quality product and professional support from our expert team.

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When we opened our centre in Haswell, County Durham back in 2007 the heating system was not cost effective at all and a huge amount of heat was b...

Hayley-Jean Hood, Chief Executive

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