Flexible controls to meet your needs

Our Far Infrared heating panels are simple to control. Our bespoke control systems are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and are individually tailored to your exact requirements. Set individual heating periods and temperatures and view at an instant.

There is also a manual override facility available within each heating zone.

So simple to control

Using the latest mechanical and programmable thermostats temperature control is easy with high sensitivity and reliability. All temperature control units come with timers and/or thermostat settings to enable you to program a desired temperature at any specific time. 


Intelligent, bespoke control system monitors every one of your panels providing complete control over your heating and savings. By choosing our Elementary control system our Far Infrared heating panels can be managed from anywhere so long as you are connected to the internet.

Monitor the usage and have accurate costings to review the real benefits of installing our Infrared heating system.


Control Devices

You have the opportunity to conveniently control your heating system via your smartphone or your computer. Various manufacturers offer a smartphone app which allows you to always be in control. Please see below devices that will allow you to control your Directtech Sunline Heating Panels with ease.

Wireless Socket


The microprocessor controlled switchable socket is operable per radio via any FS20-transmitter or directly via the device itself.

Thereby an automatic switch-off of the activated switch output is possible after 1s up to 4,25ish - comfortable and beneficial for forgetful persons. Switching power 16 A at 230 V AC (3680 VA).

Wireless Thermostat


This deposed wireless thermostat captures the room temperature right there where the preset room temperature is in fact to be reached. From here it controls via radio one of the switch units of the FS20-system, the wireless switchable socket FS20 ST or the fixedly-installable flush-mounted socket FS20 SU-3, that in turn switch the heating- or cooling device. The switching takes place either time-controlled or manually through simple set point adjustment.

Flush-Mounted Socket


The problem solver if you would like to build up resp. expand a comfortable house control system whereas the technique is invisiblt.

For more infrmation about how to control you heating system at the touch of a button, please don't hesitate to contact us by calling: 03330 110 444 or by filling out the contact form below.

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