Top Benefits of Frameless Infrared Heaters

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Frameless Heaters

Winter in England seems to get longer and colder every year and we are constantly looking at new and improved ways to stay warm and happy. Well, here at Red Hot Green we might just have the perfect solution for you. Infrared heaters are a great design which will be sure to go down a treat in the office and at home. We now offer some wonderfully efficient frameless infrared heaters and here are all of the benefits that come with them.

Instant and effective

One of the best things about infrared heaters is that the heat is instant which means that you don’t have to uncomfortable half hour of waiting for the room to heat up which is ever present in the use of radiators.

Simple and cheap to install

Our frameless infrared heaters are a doddle to install and once they’re up and working the benefits are noticeable and the maintenance is minimal.

These heaters are easy to look after and they are long lasting as you will get at least thirty years out of them and they are moveable too if you decide to move house or office.

Stylish and practical

Frameless Infrared HeatersOne thing that is noticeable about our frameless infrared heaters is that they go perfect with the style of any room. They come in an array of different colours so they will be sure to fit with the theme of the room and their smart appearance adds to their versatility.

Another thing worth noting is that they offer more space for other things because they can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted so you will have extra room where the radiators can be replaced.

Safe and friendly

An infrared heater is a safe option too due to the glass temperature limit it has which means no one will get burnt. They are also silent and good for the environment as they give off zero CO2 emissions.

If you have a problem with mould then these heaters are the answer as they reduce the level of moisture in the air and eliminate any chances of mould occurring.

Cost Effective

Finally, our frameless infrared heaters are also very cost effective and you will be guaranteed to save money on energy bills because of the efficiency of these heaters and the lack of emissions produced.

In conclusion, our frameless infrared heaters seem to be a lot more beneficial that other methods of controlling temperature because they are faster and more efficient when heating a room, they look better and leave you with more space and they will benefit you in terms of costs which is very important for saving money.

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