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It seems that there is an app for just about everything now. Sometimes this feels like a bad thing as we constantly burrow into our phones for advice on things we used to ask people about, but there are also some really great ones out there which are designed to save you a lot of money. This week, we are going to be looking at a few of the apps out there on the market to help people reduce their carbon footprint, energy consumption and ultimately their outgoings on bills.

Energy Saving Apps

Save Energy With Apps

If you are after a general oversight of how political changes and policy can effect you and your household then get ‘The Green Deal’ app. Available for both iPhone and android this app gets its name from the catchphrase of many politicians over the last decade and it is designed to inform you and keep you up to date on energy efficiency policies designed by the government to keep things under control. It uses a simple self assessing function to help you look at your own use and explore ways in which you could use this knowledge to effect a positive change when it comes to energy usage.

For something a little more personal perhaps download ‘My CO2 Calculator’. Again this is available on both iPhone and android platforms and allows you to fully appreciate the impact of your daily life on the planet. Whether or not you are passionate about the planet or passionate about saving money (and of course you can be both!) the in depth analysis of this app coupled with hints and tips to help you make positive changes based on the data you input makes this app a winner. By helping you understand your current usage it is able to assess the best way to decrease it without making wholesale lifestyle changes, and best of all, if you are feeling a little competitive you can post against friends and family to see how they are getting on and how you compare.

Here at Red Hot Green we have also been exploring ways that technology in the palm of your hand can make a difference to how well and efficiently you use energy at home and at work. Using our Elementary system, you are in total control of the heating panels you own wherever you are in the world. All you need is an internet connection. This allows you to set up heating zones, so that if you are coming home from work and are going to be downstairs, just those panels come on and then later just before bed, the upstairs ones come on. Equally, if you are going to be home later than expected just set the timer to a couple of hours later and you haven’t wasted any energy sat in a meeting or in traffic.

For more information on how technology can benefit your mission to save energy, or to find out more about the amazing heating panels available from Red Hot Green, get in touch today!

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