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Energy conservation is a really hot topic at the moment. It is a popular misconception that the biggest issue contributing towards global warming is our use of fossil fuels. While it would be foolish to suggest for even a second that it certainly isn’t more important than the problems created for the environment as a result of our waste addiction.

Conserve Energy

The Problem

In fact, our generation is the most wasteful in the history of the planet and even worse, that waste is just as big a contributor to global warming as our relationship with coal and oil. Every single day, tons and tons of waste is generated, whether it is in virtue of the amount of wasted food thrown away (anything up to 1/3 in many households) or just the general waste that is part and parcel of everyday life.

Even when it is disposed of properly (which unfortunately isn’t always the case) there is a huge impact when it comes to the ecosystems across the planet and not just to our native wildlife. These waste products leach into our land and water and they can ultimately wind up being harmful to us too. So if there is a chance to kill two birds with one stone, and simultaneously take away the pressure from fossil fuels and deal with our waste problem, then it is clearly something to be taken seriously.

The Solution

The most obvious ‘solution’ is incineration, but the simple fact of the matter is that burning anything doesn’t really present a green solution. Instead, people are looking at a mixture of thermal and non-thermal developments to try and generate various types of power.

There are a huge variety of different methods but the basis of each of the processes is designed to utilise the actual process of the chemical decomposition everything undergoes. Like any chemical reaction it involves a release of energy and it is harnessing that energy which can be used to create energy directly, and through the creation of other synthetic fuels.

As noted above, there is an element of truth in the fact there is this is a sticking plaster. However, the other truth is that renewable energy at its best is still a work in process. As with any technology, it takes time to evolve it to make it function at its best. If you think back to the first iPod you ever saw, sure it was a huge step forward but if you can compare it to the latest iPhone then it was very clearly just genesis.

As an example, solar panels are at the point of that first iPhone, and in the meantime, the waste to energy initiative is the best option to equalise our impact on the environment and in their own way they will have a hugely positive impact our fight for renewable energy.

To find out how you can help conserve energy, see the video below:

-Video from: Glenn Hough

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