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There is always a bit of a tough decision to make when the time comes to replace your appliances. White goods in particular can cost such a hefty initial outlay that it can be pretty difficult to rationalise the expense when ‘old faithful’ in the corner is still keeping the food cold. You can watch a lot of adverts on TV talk about how great the latest dishwasher, dryer or washing machine is but at the end of the day it is still a lot of money to part with.

Energy Saving Appliances

However, there is one very compelling reason to seriously consider the value of modernising your white goods. The biggest advance in this technology has been in how much more energy efficient they have become. Compared to as little as a decade ago, you can save some serious money just in virtue of how much less energy it takes to wash your clothes or keep your food cold, so here is a bit of advice on some of the big ticket items which might cost a bit but can save you a lot.

What to choose?

Fridge – Here is one thing in your home which is liable to be running 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year it is your fridge/freezer. One of the biggest areas of improvement has been taking care of the amount of energy it takes to either heat or cool a product so you can make some pretty big savings. However, one of the biggest difficulties that people have is getting on the right size. You buy a fridge for your family, but when the kids leave the house how much energy are you wasting on cooling fridge space you don’t use? We recommend choosing a A+++ fridge freezer but most of all be realistic about what you need. An upgrade can also mean a downsize!

Cooker – If the heart of a home is the kitchen then it is fair to say that your oven has a pretty big say in what is going on. Incredibly, a new A+ cooker will consume around 40% less energy than a B rated oven from even just a decade older. That is a tangible amount of money you could be saving each and every day.

Washer – The washing machine isn’t a particularly glamorous area of the house to invest money in but it is one which is thoroughly worthwhile as there are potentially two sets of savings to be made here. A newer washing machine will save you around 20% on your energy costs, but if you happen to be on a water meter then the savings can be even great as the largest advancement here has been in making sure that the same (or even better results) are achieved despite using less water.

If you would like to learn more about how the appliances you can buy to save you money on your bills see below for a useful video with even more handy tips!

Top 10 Energy saving Tips

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