Energy Saving Gadgets for 2016

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Energy Saving Gadgets

It might be a new year, but for many of us there will be the same old issues and money worries hanging over our heads in 2016 that caused such a headache in 2015. However, here at Red Hot Green we believe that by investing wisely in the right tech (maybe even taking advantage of some of the January sales to get them at knockdown prices) you can make great strides towards big savings on your energy bills for next year. In addition to our award winning range of infrared heating panels, we have put together a list of the top 5 ultimate energy saving gadgets that you should invest in this coming year.

1) Charging stations:

Did you know that up to 8% of your energy bill is off the back of so called “phantom power”. This is where things like phones and laptops continue to sap energy even after they are at 100% charge just in virtue of still being plugged in. Charging stations cut off when your tech reaches 100%, meaning that you still wake up with a fully charged phone but without the added cost!

2) Look for the Star Ratings:

OK, not so much a single gadget but more some sensible advice for anyone looking to buy a home appliance in 2016. The energy star ratings aren’t just about being green, because the more energy you save the less money you spend. One star difference on a washing machine for example can equate to £80 a year so it won’t take long for than extra investment to start paying off!

3) LED lighting:

It has been a long standing joke that low energy bulbs might save you money but they offer a pretty pathetic level of lighting and more often than not by the time they have warmed up you are ready to leave the room and turn them off. As a result, it’s time to get on board with LED lighting, the maximum amount of light you can get for the least amount of outlay. Not only are they cheap to buy they are also cheap to run so you get double the savings.

4) Smart Shower Heads:

How much water do you waste every day by turning on the shower to heat up and then do your teeth or put on a load of laundry? The water is already up to temperature but you are literally watching money go down the drain in the meantime. Smart shower heads wait until the water reaches optimum temperature and then reduce the water to a trickle so you are using less water and less fuel to heat up the water. In some cases you can save up over 8,000 gallons of water a year!

5) Thermal Leak Detector:

The biggest waste of energy in any building is the building itself. Whether it is a leaky door or a draughty window, buildings will pretty much bleed energy whether old or new, but you can’t fix what you don’t know. We recommend investing in a Thermal Leak Detector to learn more about where you are losing energy and as a result, fix it. They are cheap to buy and can make a big difference once you act on what they find!

For more energy saving gadgets, check out the video below:

– Video by: WBAL TV


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