Infrared is the Way Forward…But Which Path Will YOU Take?

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We’ve looked in depth over the last few weeks at the huge array of benefits that the latest infrared technologies offer you both in terms of the good they can do for the environment and ultimately the good they can do for your bank balance. However, there are several different types of infrared heating panels currently available on the market so this week we are looking at the variety of options you have and which might be best for you.

Essentially, all of the panel types that we are going to look at have the same benefits. They all behave in the same way and display the same qualities that we have looked at in depth in previous blog posts but the variety of finishes that are available mean that they are able to fulfil that area of function that is beyond the humble radiator and actually look good, as well as the other variety of benefits.

Sunline Crystals


Sunline Crystal panels are the most well-known. They are sleek and modern in design and come in both framed and frameless designs. As with all infrared panels they are thin and lightweight, which makes them ideal for mounting on both walls and even ceilings. Available in a huge variety of colours these are the most versatile infra-red panels on sale currently and are the standard choice for people looking to redevelop both home and office spaces.



Mirror Panels

Mirror Panels

Mirror panels are the most multifunctional. Using heat resistant mirror glass these panels not only have all the benefits of your standard panels but also operate as fully functioning mirrors. As a result they are hugely popular with everything from bathrooms to salons and offices, as they give the feel of additional space, a long way removed from how standard heating solutions encroach on your home space. The contemporary look that they create will make you forget their primary function and instead you can just enjoy how they add to the look of the space.


Stone Panels

Stone Panels

The final option is the stone panel, a unique and eye-catching finish which adds a degree of class and design to your heating solutions. Using real stone means that each and every panel is completely unique, drawing on the pleasing patterns, colours and textures of natural stone making them the perfect installation for a home or office space. Wall mounted, a selection of these looks like an impressive art installation and again, the people who come into your home or office will have no idea that these sleek panels available in a huge variety of finishes is actually what is keeping the space so wonderfully warm.


So feel free to take a look at the huge array of panels available and remember, not only are these innovative heating solutions there to help you financially, they can also hugely improve the look of your home and become genuine design features.


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