Energy Saving Appliances

Awesome Appliances for Energy Efficiency

There is always a bit of a tough decision to make when the time comes to replace your appliances. White goods in particular can cost such a hefty initial outlay that it can be pretty difficult to rationalise the expense … Read more

Energy Saving apps

Don’t Worry. Be Appy!

It seems that there is an app for just about everything now. Sometimes this feels like a bad thing as we constantly burrow into our phones for advice on things we used to ask people about, but there are also … Read more

Energy Saving

Top 5 Energy Saving Tips!

Yet again it seems likely that energy prices are going to continue to rise across the UK and as a result we are always thinking about ways of lowering our carbon footprint. Not only is it good for the environment … Read more

Infrared Heating

Head to Head: Infrared vs Central Heating

Since Roman times we have used pretty much the same methods of heating for our homes. Back then, water was heated and pumped through the walls of the house to radiate heat out through the building and keep the occupants … Read more