Solar Power: Yes or No

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For those of you who aren’t 100% sure, solar power is power that we can obtain by harnessing the energy of the sun’s rays. I’m sure we’ve all seen those houses and buildings with the glass slabs attached to their roofs and these are houses that are using the energy provided by the sun. A lot of houses and businesses are turning to solar power as well as road signs and many other smaller devises. If you would like to know more about Solar Power, check out our previous post Solar Power: What you need to know.

Solar Energy Yes or No?

The big question is then; is solar power really the way forward? Well here are the facts that we need to consider to make a final decision.

Solar power for heating

Something that people don’t consider when thinking about solar power is that it is a great way to heat your home. It works best in cold climates with good solar resources which is ideal for England.

Good for the planet

One thing that a lot of people like to invest in solar power for is the fact that they are good for the planet. Going green is a great look for businesses and it is also a fantastic way to do your bit for our planet. Solar energy does not produce waste or pollution which makes it perfect for protecting the Ozone and reducing the amount of pollution that the normal home produces.

Cost effective

One of the main reasons that a business or home-owner would want to install some solar panels to their building is to save themselves some money. Solar energy is a free source of energy because we are generating it from the sun. However, the cost can be fairly high if you want to supply enough energy to power your whole house. The idea is that in the long run you will end up saving a lot of money when you no longer need to pay the energy bills.

Can be used anywhere

A wonderful fact about solar energy is that it can be used anywhere. There are a few places in the world where it is difficult to get a source of energy to but when you go with solar power there are no limits.


Possibly the best thing about Solar power is that it will be around forever until there is no light, and by that time we will all cease to exist anyway. For this reason you might find that solar power is our only source of energy because the world’s oil supply could run out within the next forty years or so.


Solar power is a pretty reliable source of energy because there is so much light during the day for it to absorb and the way they are built means that they are extremely effective at generating energy.

When we consider the facts about solar power it is clear that there are plenty of benefits to think about. There are, however, some disadvantages such as the fact that it is costly to manufacture the equipment and this causes pollution. Also they do depend on light and sun rays to work which can be a problem in England. So in conclusion I personally would recommend solar power as it is the future of energy and it is a great way to save yourself money further down the line if you are planning on staying at your location for a while.

There are many types of environmentally friendly ways you can source energy which include Hydropower and Wind Turbines, Solar and Wind being the most commonly used in the UK. If you are unsure which energy source to choose from our check out our previous blog on Wind Vs Solar Power from 2015.

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