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Yet again it seems likely that energy prices are going to continue to rise across the UK and as a result we are always thinking about ways of lowering our carbon footprint. Not only is it good for the environment it is also good for the bank balance and by getting into certain habits and making them part of the daily routine of both you and your family you are able to make a pretty sizeable difference to your monthly or quarterly bills.

Energy Saving Tips

1) Don’t be left on Standby

It’s not exactly a secret that we spend a small fortune by failing to switch things off. However we still don’t do it. So perhaps putting some figures on the bones of things would help. Appliances which are on standby mode can account for 10% of the average UK energy bill. You could be saving anything up to 150kg of CO2 every single year so when you see that red button, switch it off.

2) Lower your thermostat…Just a little

Perhaps not such a big deal as we head into the summer months, but it’s not like summer lasts forever so still very useful to remember. If you turn it down by just 1.5 degrees you could save 10% on your heating bills, and that add up to a pretty penny by the time you are done. So stick a big woolly jumper on and save some pennies.

3) Insulation

One of the biggest reasons that energy bills are so high is that we live in pretty inefficient houses. Far too much of the energy that we use to heat the house is actually lost to the outside world so why not get someone in to have a look at it. It doesn’t need to be vastly expensive measures like replacing windows and doors, because even looking at the seals around them can make a huge difference when it comes to insulating your home. Proper insulation in the loft and in any cavity walling can also make a pretty huge difference.

4) Ignore the Myths

You need to do your research when you are looking into saving money but there are lots of myths which can turn you off or give you the wrong idea so we’ll debunk some for you. Leaving the heating on at a lower temperature all day ISN’T cheaper than heating it up later on. Solar Panels DO generate electricity even on a cloudy day there IS an LED light fitting now to fit any old light bulb so you can be exclusively lower energy across your home.

5) Look at Your Supplier

One of the other myths which is always doing the rounds is that changing energy companies is a real hassle. In truth, it really isn’t. Best of all there are plenty of comparison companies who will do the legwork for you and can let you know what the cheapest option is for you. Obviously your current company will want to keep you too so by presenting what have found to them you may be able to secure a cheaper deal without even having to change supplier.

For more information on these energy saving tips and more, head over to the Energy Saving Trust website, find out more from the video below:

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