If You Want to Go Green, You Need To Go Infrared

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We are becoming a nation (and planet) increasingly preoccupied with the state of the planet. However, we are also creatures of comfort and when it comes to winter in particular we probably aren’t ready to concede our toasty homes and offices, even to help combat global warming.

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How It Works

The good news is that technology is always looking for solutions and there are improvements being made all the time and infrared technology is just one of those. Rather than heating water which heats the air, an inefficient and costly process, infrared heats objects and even people in a given space, turning everything in the vicinity into a radiator. As a result, since you are being heated directly you can turn the temperature down a couple of degrees and you are also using a much more efficient form of heating which will help to keep those bills down.

The Benefits

One of the other major benefits is that you don’t need to set your heating to start cranking while you are an hour away. Until recently, this was the only way we had of ensuring that we could come home and feel the welcoming warmth straight away. However, with infrared you start to feel the benefits as soon as you turn it on because you aren’t being heated indirectly by the air, you are being heated directly by these infrared waves.

It isn’t just usage which is cheaper either, because it might surprise you to know that the installation is cheaper as well. Four panels can be installed by one electrician in just a single day, and when you compare that to a full central heating system, the labour alone is going to make a pretty sizeable difference.

You also have the benefit of vastly increased usability. These panels are a mere 2.5cm thick, which when compared to your radiators means that you will have a bit more space to work with. They are easy to run, come with incredible warranties and can even help to reduce mould and damp in a house because they run off a significantly dryer heat than a traditional central heating system. As they don’t rely on convection by heating the air, they can also help to reduce allergies, making them ideal for asthma and hay fever sufferers as well.

Why Choose Infrared?

When you start adding it all up it really does make sense to look to the future and go infrared. There aren’t many other areas in the world where it is possible to not only save money on installation and running costs of these Heating Panels, but reap health benefits and do some good for the environment as well. Normally, when you go green it is going to hit the pocket pretty hard, but when it comes to heating these solutions are ticking every single box.

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