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Red Hot Green are offering you the opportunity to join our growing re-seller and installer network. As sole distributor for Sunline Far Infrared Heating Panels, we’re perfectly placed to offer you the opportunity to develop your own business or add to the range of products you already sell.

Benefits of Infra Red heating

As with all great products and services, the customer’s expectations must be met and in our case, exceeded. We believe that our innovative system is perfect for any business wishing to invest in a long term heating solution.

The benefits are multi-fold and its proven reputation across Europe unsurpassed.

Your customers will:

  • The system is maintenance-free and can be individually controlled or zoned by wireless thermostat
  • They have a built-in redundancy (unlike traditional wet systems)
  • The panels are solid state with no moving parts to break or wear out
  • The panels can be fitted to walls, ceilings or suspended ceilings for flexibility of layout and for safety
  • Greater consistency in temperature from floor to ceiling (and no drafts!)
  • Help prevent mould and mildew therefore have positive health benefits
  • The panels are beautifully designed with numerous options in finish
  • Positive health benefits
  • Five year warranty and panels have a design life of 20+ years
  • System can be unplugged and transported if a customer moves
  • Superior Eco credentials

Commercial market opportunities 

Businesses across the UK would all positively benefit from installing this heating system. For example, schools, gyms, nurseries, care homes, shared office blocks and any businesses who have Solar PVs installed all reap energy and money saving rewards, alongside those off grid or who are currently heating their premises with storage heaters. If your business is already focussed on selling solar panels, renewable technology, shop fitting, bathrooms, kitchens, double glazing, suspended ceilings, contract carpet or office furniture, our system is a perfect addition.

Or if you are looking for a new and exciting opportunity and have experience of selling commercially, this could be for you!

Training and support 

Red Hot Green offer a fully supported training and induction programme for our business partners. You will receive all point of sale materials, we’ll train you on quotations, correctly positioning panels and thermostats for maximum effect, using our calculation tools, drive business referrals to you, overcoming objections and more! And we offer support whenever it’s required.

Become a reseller

Get in touch with our team and we’ll guide you through the rest of the process. Email us, call us on 03330 110 444 or complete the call back form below. 

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When we opened our centre in Haswell, County Durham back in 2007 the heating system was not cost effective at all and a huge amount of heat was b...

Hayley-Jean Hood, Chief Executive

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