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This corporate serviced office block had a traditional wet system in place (gas bolier and radiators) after its rennovation in the mid 90's, running at a cost of around £10,000 per annum.


The infrared heating system was installed throughout the building totalling 81m2. The landlord purchased 81 Sunline suspended ceiling mounted heating panels (500 Watt each) were installed throughout the whole property, using 32 Salus Thermostats to accurately control the temperature in each office.

An anticipated saving of £7,000.00 is the first year was calculated making the return on investment payback time 5 years with the area being held at 22 degrees at all times during a 6 month heating season (this was without calculating the saving due to using the electricity generated from the solar panels).

The install went without a glitch and the work was done out of hours to minimise disruption to the tenants, and as can be seen from the picture below is virtually unnoticeable while still providing a warm, comfortable heat.



With the goal of proving the saving anticipated was actually being provided, Red Hot Green set up a test office using energy monitoring devices as follows.

Office area covered 81Msq with 3.5Kw of heating, with a controlling thermostat set to keep the office at 22 degrees at all times. The estimated time for the heaters to be on to provide the anticipated saving was 25%.

Following the results of the test conducted the panels were drawing power for 20.72% of the time, providing an even bigger saving to the client than expected. SV Rutter reduced their carbon emissions by 43%. And decreased their CO2 output by 65%.

Client Testimonial

The general manager at SV Rutter Business Centre, Mr J Pitkethly, provided a glowing testimonial:

“The results have been quite remarkable, because the panels are individually wirelessly controlled each office could be regulated according to its occupant’s requirements. On top of that and even better news for us is that the panels require NO maintenance (a landlords dream) and a fully manufacturer backed five year warranty.”
 Wet System
(radiators in each room)
Red Hot Green Sunline PanelsSavings
Switch on time
(hrs per day)
8 hours2 hours 20 mins (3%)5 hrs 40 mins
Total heating cost per annum£17.000 p.a.£12.000 p.a.£5.000 p.a.
CO2 Levels (kg/CO2)373,630211,536162,094
43% reduction
Return on Investment  7 years


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When we opened our centre in Haswell, County Durham back in 2007 the heating system was not cost effective at all and a huge amount of heat was b...

Hayley-Jean Hood, Chief Executive

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