The Range of Heating Panels

Red Hot Green's innovative, highly efficeint, Far Infrared heating system utilises the invisible, safe energy that surrounds us all.

When Far Infrared rays touch solid surfaces, such as walls, floors and furnature, they become room temperature radiators.

Sunline Heating Panels are the very best in German engineering. Premium quality, they have been designed to compliment any room in the home or workplace. The many options in panel designs, frames, colours and sizes ensure that this innovative system enhances any room layout beautifully. 

Each panel in a system comes with a standard five year warranty and they're available in a range of sizes from 250 watts to 1300 watts.

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Business Opportunities

We're looking to add to our list of approved UK installers. If you'd like more information about this exciting opportunity, please contact the team. 

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The Range

Manufactured in Germany to the highest possible standard, Sunline Heating Panels are premium quality, have a 5 year warranty and are installed in 10,000 properties in Europe. 

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What is Far Infrared?

Infrared is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a lower frequency than visible light. Objects, not air, get heated and act as radiators themselves. 

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