Sunline Mirror Heating Panels


Stylish yet subtle, our mirrored panels are a popular choice for bathrooms, toilets and office spaces. Integrated lighting can be added to create a sleek contemporary look.

With the flexibility to sit flush into walls or ceilings, or wall mounted like a picture, there's a style to suit every taste and space.

Sunline Mirror Panels Product Data (Frames)

Set your desired temperature individually with a remote control. these mirrored panels are fitted with an intergrated temperature limited to prevent overheating. All elements have a first class insulation and a radiation protection on the back side.

These panels are lightweight, compact and come in several sizes ranging from 250 watts - 1300 watts.

Design & Function

Our Sunline Mirror panels provides you with optimal comfort with its high heat efficiency built into our standard and flush design. Because because these are lightweight, these products can be simply hung up on the wall like a picture simply with no installation hassle. Contact us today for more design information.



Our Sunline frameless Mirror Heating Panels deliver an attractive practicle alternative heating solution, ideal for bathrooms in homes or offices. Our frameless panles (including framed) can be built into walls and ceilings, providing a modern and space saving heating solution. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us and for technical information about our frameless mirror panels, refer to the tables below:

Wall Devices 100C

ItemsRated InputNominal VoltageRated CurrentRates FrequencyDimensionWeightDepth
FW10001000 Watt230 Volt4,35 A50 Hz1190 x 590 mm15 Kg40 mm
FW700700 Watt230 Volt3,04 A50 Hz900 x 600 mm11 Kg40 mm
FW500500 Watt230 Volt2,17 A50 Hz590 x 590 mm8 Kg40 mm


Cover Devices 130C

ItemsRated InputNominal VoltageRated CurrentRates FrequencyDimensionWeightDepth
FW1000M1000 Watt230 Volt4,35 A50 Hz1190 x 590 mm15 Kg40 mm
FW700M700 Watt230 Volt3,04 A50 Hz900 x 600 mm11 Kg40 mm
FW500M500 Watt230 Volt2,17 A50 Hz590 x 590 mm8 Kg40 mm


Mirror Panel Size Guide & Technical Details

ModelFramePart No.Wattage & AmpsDimensionsWeight (kg)Heated area (M2)
MirrorStandardD1000M1000 / 4.351197 x 5971525 - 30
MirrorStandardD700M700 / 3.04907 x 6071117 - 21
MirrorStandardD500M500 / 2.17597 x 597812 - 15
MirrorStandardD430M500 / 2.171157 x 307812 - 15
MirrorStandardD250M250 / 1.09502 x 25236 - 7
MirrorFlushD1001M1000 / 4.351265 x 6651725 - 30
MirrorFlushD701M700 / 3.04975 x 66512.517 - 21
MirrorFlushD501M500 / 2.17665 x 665912 - 15
MirrorFlushD431M500 / 2.171225 x 375912 - 15
MirrorFlushD251M250 / 1.09570 x 3293.56 - 7

Industry Mirror

StandardIP1300M1300 / 5.651197 x 5971540 - 50

Industry Mirror

FlushIP1301M1300 / 5.651265 x 6651740 - 50


Technical Details  
Surface:Quartz ESG saftey glass
Panel Construction:Anodized aluminium plate and high class insulation material high quality silicone heating device
Surface Temperature:Approximately 100'C - 130'C
Protection Class:IP 54
Installation:Wall mounted or ceiling mounted
ColourStandard colours include blue, red, green, yellow, orange, violet, light blue or alternatively any RAL can be specified
Warranty:5 Years



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