UK Suppliers

Red Hot Green utilises a network of suppliers to provide infrared heating panels to the whole of the UK.


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Bumford Heating Ltd:
Bumford Heating Ltd logo
Area Covered: Nationwide
Bumford Heating Ltd
Apple Energy Services:
Apple Energy Services logo
Area Covered: Leeds
Apple Energy Services
Comtech Green Energy Ltd:
Comtech Green Energy Ltd logo
Area Covered: Barnsley
Comtech Green Energy Ltd
A & D Alternative Energy Ltd:
A & D Alternative Energy Ltd logo
Area Covered: Crewe
A & D Alternative Energy Ltd
Steve Rudkin Electrical Contractors:
Steve Rudkin Electrical Contractors logo
Area Covered: Lincolnshire, Nottingham & Cambridge
Steve Rudkin Electrical Contractors
RJW Electrical & Solar Ltd:
RJW Electrical & Solar Ltd logo
Area Covered: Oswestry
RJW Electrical & Solar Ltd
Bray Building Services Ltd:
Bray Building Services Ltd logo
Area Covered: Holmfirth
Bray Building Services Ltd
Manx Solar Energy Ltd:
Manx Solar Energy Ltd logo
Area Covered: Douglas IOM
Manx Solar Energy Ltd
Solar Energy Alliance:
Solar Energy Alliance logo
Area Covered: Lowestoft
Solar Energy Alliance
Questmap Renewable Energy:
Questmap Renewable Energy logo
Area Covered: Southampton
Questmap Renewable Energy
DEH Electrical Contractors Ltd:
DEH Electrical Contractors Ltd logo
Area Covered: Brighton
DEH Electrical Contractors Ltd
Jourdain Electrical Services:
Jourdain Electrical Services logo
Area Covered: Cornwall
Jourdain Electrical Services
Ambervale Heating Ltd:
Ambervale Heating Ltd logo
Area Covered: Derbyshire
Ambervale Heating Ltd
IWEC Electrical Engineering:
IWEC Electrical Engineering logo
Area Covered: Nationwide
IWEC Electrical Engineering
MTG Energy Solutions:
MTG Energy Solutions logo
Area Covered: Nottingham
MTG Energy Solutions
Chiltern Solar Ltd:
Chiltern Solar Ltd logo
Area Covered: Buckinghamshire
Chiltern Solar Ltd
Viridian UK Energy Matters Ltd:
Viridian UK Energy Matters Ltd logo
Area Covered: Wiltshire
Viridian UK Energy Matters Ltd
WM Electrical:
WM Electrical logo
Area Covered: Ipswich
WM Electrical
Ecosunpower logo
Area Covered: Oxfordshire
Total Sun Energy Limited:
Total Sun Energy Limited logo
Area Covered: Dorset
Total Sun Energy Limited
Electrical Contracting Services:
Electrical Contracting Services logo
Area Covered: Plymouth
Electrical Contracting Services
Utility Trade:
Utility Trade logo
Area Covered: Leicester
Utility Trade
Area Covered: Manchester
Renergy Solutions Ltd:
Renergy Solutions Ltd logo
Area Covered: Leicester
Renergy Solutions Ltd
Fusion6 logo
Area Covered: Lincolnshire, East Riding, East Yorkshire
Horizon Systems Ltd:
Horizon Systems Ltd logo
Area Covered: Essex
Horizon Systems Ltd
Perrin Energy Ltd:
Perrin Energy Ltd logo
Area Covered: Lincolnshire
Perrin Energy Ltd
Evergreen MAC:
Evergreen MAC logo
Area Covered:
Evergreen MAC

Business Opportunities RHG Stripes

Business Opportunities

We're looking to add to our list of approved UK installers. If you'd like more information about this exciting opportunity, please contact the team. 

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The Range RHG Stripes

The Range

Manufactured in Germany to the highest possible standard, Sunline Heating Panels are premium quality, have a 5 year warranty and are installed in 10,000 properties in Europe. 

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What is Far Infrared? RHG Stripes

What is Far Infrared?

Infrared is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a lower frequency than visible light. Objects, not air, get heated and act as radiators themselves. 

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More Information

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